Lenovo is preparing to launch K8 Note next month in India

Apple has balked at China’s policy of preventing its users from accessing blocked sites and services away from censorship by VPN applications, removing them from China’s application store.

ExpressVPN said that all major virtual network applications, including the company’s own application, had been removed from Apple’s Chinese App Store.

The company received an excuse from Apple to remove VPN applications because they contained illegal content in China. This is an unreasonable justification and can be easily bypassed by setting up an Apple account and selecting a country other than China in the settings.

The Chinese government has decided that VPN providers should have official approval before starting work, which is obviously logical, as these applications are used to bypass Chinese government’s blocking of online sites and services.

It seems obvious that Apple does not want to challenge China like Google and Facebook, so it responds to the government’s demands to win the big market for its phones.

The Chinese government has been fighting VPN services on several fronts, although it is easier to ask Apple to remove them from the Chinese store, but it also asks companies to shut down as they did earlier this month when they stopped two services.

China has asked mobile phone service providers to start blocking VPN services early next year.

The Google Play Store is not available on Android phones in China and does not support the country, but the Android system allows easy download of VPN applications from outside the store.




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