Facebook will tell you the pages that stole your posts and republished them

Videos are the most important form of reciprocal content on Facebook, and the social network can identify the video that was previously shared so that republishing is a reshuffle rather than a new one. Today, the network announces updates about re-sharing and posting others’ videos on Facebook again.

Starting next week, Facebook will eliminate advanced statistics on the performance of videos that have been republished and shared so that they remain available only to the first publisher, not to anyone who republishes them.

These statistics include graphs for video penetration, average watch time, 30-second view counts, and other details about autoplay, click-to-watch, and view-back.

But if you were a page manager and prepared a video post that was previously published, you will still be able to get non-detailed public information about viewers in terms of demographic information and general information about where they are located, as well as detailed daily views and a comparison of paid views and natural views.

Perhaps the most important detail in this update concerns the owners of videos where Facebook will show them better statistics and insights on pages that have re-shared their posts.




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