WhatsApp supports the shortcut feature in its latest beta version on Android

WhatsApp’s developers added in version 2.17.277 support for the shortcut feature provided by Google for the first time in Android 7.1.

The shortcut feature allows you to push the application icon extensively and access specific parts of it. In the case of Watts, you can press the icon long to access the camera, create a new conversation, or access the installed conversations faster.

The Android system allows you to modify shortcuts and add them as separate icons to the main applications screen. According to the Android Police site, you can create an icon to access a Windows Phone, another to access the latest conversations, and so on.

The shortcut feature is similar to the 3-D touch feature on the iPhone 6S and beyond, a feature that allows a strong click on the screen to do something, such as displaying shortcuts when pressing firmly on an application icon. But in Android, it can reach all the devices supporting Android 7.1 because it is not bound by a specific technology.


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