Facebook Messenger new tools to connect companies with customers

Just three months after the launch of the second generation of the Messenger platform for companies to communicate with customers, a new update is now available that provides more tools for businesses to improve their connectivity, which is expected to lead more companies to rely on the application and service of Messenger.

Now there is a live language processing within Messenger itself which means the ability to identify seven different factors such as date, time, geographical location, phone number, amount, email address in messages sent by users.

Known for these factors means improving the routing of the appropriate bot or the appropriate message according to the user’s request, for example if a geographical location is identified as the delivery location of the order, while the e-mail address to send a file to upload or invoice the request to it.

Facebook also introduced the so-called delivery protocol, which means that a human employee may receive a follow-up call with a user after a bot has been communicating with him without any difference.

There is also an application development package to support payment services, so a one-click web page can be used within MSN Messenger.

Finally, Facebook added more buttons that can be placed on the CTA pages: Shop Now, Get Support, Get Updates, Play Now and Get Started. These buttons will motivate visitors to click on them to order or access a site or similar.

This is a minor update 2.1 on the platform because it came shortly after the release of the main update 2 and through which Facebook is trying to prove to companies that they are interested in using the Messenger platform for communication, technical support and purchase and other with customers.




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