Xiaomi offers a Mi AI speaker at an amazing price

Most technology companies are competing to deliver their own smart speaker, such as Amzon Echo, Google Home, Microsoft Invoke and Apple’s announced HomePod, which has yet to be released.

Now Xiaomi offers a Mi AI amplifier, which is distinguished from the rest of these devices at a price that is much cheaper.

Where the company announced today the new device, which offers 6 microphones with 360-degree audio sensors, stereo sound and the ability to use third-party services and music playback, answering calls, remind the user of important events and many other things.

The new speaker will cost only $ 45; but it will only be released initially in China sometime in August.

It’s good to see that Xiaomi releases products with leading features, such as those that are much cheaper than those in competing devices. For example, the Google Home speaker is sold at $ 129, the Amzon Echo speaker is sold at $ 179.99 and the HomePod speaker from Apple Will be sold at $ 349; and although Amazon has a cheaper speaker, the Echo Dot, sold at 49.99 but the Mi AI speaker has more advantages.




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