Microsoft will pay a quarter of a million dollars to address the security flaw in Windows 10

Microsoft launched the new Windows Bounty Program yesterday, designed to expand existing security programs. The company had paid about $ 100,000 to repair the flaw in Windows 8.1, and this new program cost the company much more to fix serious flaws such as Hyper-V in Windows 10 or Windows Server operating systems.

Microsoft will now pay up to $ 250,000 to address extreme Hyper-V vulnerabilities, security software in the Microsoft Edge browser or a Windows 10 preview will reach $ 15,000. “Security factors and requirements are always changing, and Microsoft gives priority to different types of system vulnerabilities,” said a Microsoft spokesman in a company blog.

The new Windows Bounty program is now operational and will continue indefinitely at Microsoft’s discretion. Any critical or significant flaws that affect Windows systems or any individual features and features will be dealt with in that program. Now we find that Facebook, Google, Apple, Uber, and a variety of other technology companies are all offering security flaw remediation programs, designed to detect vulnerabilities early to prevent attacks and large-scale piracy.




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