Apple gets a license to test the fifth generation networks on the iPhone

Apple has officially received approval from the US authorities to test fifth-generation mobile communications and Internet networks for use in future iPhone phones.

Apple is particularly interested in the range of short-range waves 28 and 39 GHz and US agencies have reserved these areas for technical companies to use in testing the fifth generation networks with their devices.

There is no doubt that the fifth-generation technologies will become something available one day, not only long ago, as it is believed that within three to five years from now it will begin to spread more, and will undoubtedly be the iPhone will be among the phones that support it.

US carriers are more interested in long-range and lower-frequency technology, with T-Mobile applying for the 600 MHz test as well as Sprint on a 2.6 GHz band.

Many US technology companies, such as Google and Facebook, are interested in testing short-wave technology, known as millimeters rather than long ones, because they are characterized by reduced delay rates and the ability to transmit more data.

However, it is still too early to talk about when the first iPhone will be available to support the fifth generation networks, especially since it is most important to be supported by telecommunications companies in our Arab countries, many of which lack even the fourth generation networks.




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