The MIUI 9 interface is revealed with great improvements and sophisticated features

The new user interface of Xiaomi MIUI 9, based on the Android 7.0 Nougat 7.0 system, has introduced new and advanced features that mimic what is available to competitors, especially in terms of artificial intelligence in the interface.

The new interface is based on three main things. The first is the search for images, which is similar to what is in the Google Image application where you can search for images by putting names such as Sylvie, Sea, Sun and others.

The second feature is the smart application operator. For example, when you talk about going somewhere, the interface will directly launch the Maps application. When you talk about the weather, the weather application will open based on the contents of the screen and so on.

The third feature is the Smart Assistant, which will do some of the work of Siri, Bixby and Google Ascent and other smart phone assistance via voice commands to search and supply information.

Xiaomi says the new interface is better in performance and faster response, improved ram and file browser usage, screen splitting and a large suite of fixes and enhancements.

The new interface will come to many of the latest high-end phones (at least).




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