Kaspersky Anti – Virus offers free antivirus

Kaspersky, the Russian security and security giant, has announced a full-fledged version of its anti-virus program that protects computers from malicious activities that may occur while browsing the Web.

This means that if you can not buy an original version of the program, or do not like to enter the whirlpool of ditches and fake operating keys, and you see that the basic Windows protection is not convincing to you, Kaspersky has the right alternative and free.

Microsoft provides good protection under Windows with its anti-virus program, Windows Defender, which protects half a billion computers.

The Windows built-in protection program is clearly better than the previous generation. It has an evaluation of 5.5 out of 6 points according to the AV-test. Of course, Kaspersky gets the first place with the full points of its Internet Security program.

But the question here arises, do you really need an antivirus program? I mean an external program? Most of the time you will not need it because Microsoft’s protection with continuous security updates is more than enough for the average user.

If you want Kaspersky experience, you can download its free program Kaspersky Free but lacks some features such as firewall, VPN, identity protection, etc. compared to its paid programs.

Currently Kaspersky is available free of charge in some countries such as Russia, China and some European countries and will be available gradually in the coming months to be available to all countries of the world.




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