Google remove the Instant Search Results feature

Google canceled one of the most prominent features in the search engine called Instant Search seven years after its launch, perhaps because it was not used by anyone enough.

Instant Search provides instant search results with keyword writing, ie, with each word typed, instant search results are displayed without having to wait to finish the entire search term and press the input button.

Google introduced this feature in 2010 and now has canceled it but will continue to display search suggestions, with key words, Google will display suggested phrases that you can choose to search for and then display full results.

While most users search on their smart phones today it will therefore be a very troublesome experience to use to display instant search results while typing each keyword.

For example, the Instant feature works when you go directly to a Google site from computers, not through Chrome’s address bar, which most people do, so you probably will not notice the absence of the feature.




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