Facebook Live now supports live streaming of 4K virtual reality content

Facebook Live has long provided users with the ability to broadcast live 360 ​​degrees. To mention this feature, Facebook today announced that it has made some improvements to this feature to make its 360-degree live broadcast platform more attractive to viewers and creators alike. One of the biggest changes that has made its way today to the platform is the ability of users now to watch live broadcast at 360 degrees with 4K resolution.

The only caveat here is that creators should have the equipment to broadcast 360-degree content with 4K resolution. Viewers will also need a device capable of playing 4K videos to take advantage of this new feature. Because Facebook has made it possible to broadcast this high definition content in virtual reality, those with virtual reality helmets such as Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR will be able to easily watch this content by running their virtual reality helmets for a more immersive experience.

Facebook also announced the launch of a new partnership program called Live 360 ​​Ready. The program aims to certify third-party devices and software as ready to be used immediately with Facebook Live.

The program will recommend products that have been tested by a Facebook team that is able to offer high-quality 360-degree live broadcast. The products on the list now include cameras such as Nokia Ozo Orah 41, Garmin VIRB 360 and Giroptic iO.


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