Advertising USB 3.2 speeds transfer up to 20 GB per second

If you think that the second generation of USB 3.1 port is the fastest currently available for transmission, wait to see USB 3.2 where it can transfer data at twice the speed to 20 GB per second.

The new generation of Universal USB port was announced today as it reached the final stages of the technical specifications set before the final official announcement in September.

The new standard will work exclusively with USB-C cables because it is capable of carrying this huge amount of data and transmitting it at the same time. Currently, it can transfer up to 10 GB per second via the second generation of USB 3.1 port and using a USB-C cable which will be compatible with the USB 3.2 port.

It is worth mentioning that the USB port 3 capable of transmission at 5 GB per second, which became called USB 3.1 first generation and speed was doubled in the second generation, and now there is a third generation called USB 3.2.




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