Google Digital Assistant is on more than 100 million devices

Sundar Pichai, Google’s current CEO, said Google Assistant is now on more than 100 million devices worldwide.

The VentureBeat website quoted investors at the launch of the company’s financial results, saying users now prefer to use voice and camera commands to input data instead of traditional keyboard or touch screen and menus. Stressing that these habits appeared clear in the use of the company’s assistant, which now exists on more than 100 million devices, promising in turn more features and improvements.

Google Assistant is not available on Android 7 devices only. But in Google Home devices, which began to spread as an important and necessary category. According to eMarketer, there are currently more than 35 million home assistants, 70% of Amazon’s production, and approximately 24% of Google’s production.

Over time, Google’s share in this area will increase, especially after a software package that allows developers to write applications for the PDA that can be accessed via voice commands.


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