Adobe accidentally detects a new cloud platform to modify images

Adobe has mistakenly released the first beta version of its Nimbus cloud-oriented platform to modify images on the Internet through a range of professional tools.

The company announced the platform last year, but the MacGeneration site has been monitoring its availability for some time, by mistake, to subscribers of Adobe’s Cloud Storage service.

According to leaks and images, the new platform will allow users to modify images and color control and apply some effects professionally without complexity. Adobe has simplified the interface to be straightforward without having to display too many tools in front of the user to avoid distraction.

The user will no longer need to sync images every time, as in the company’s current programs, running the platform cloud means they are available all the time on the Internet to access them at any time. The company was also keen to provide algorithms that analyze the contents of images to add tags to facilitate return to them later.

A spokesman for the company said that the launch of the Nimbus platform had already been mistaken. But the company is excited to release the first version to all users at a later time because the platform provides advanced tools combining the power of Photoshop and Lightroom also.

The company will launch the trial version for all later this year after it withdrew the version it launched by mistake. It also plans to save up to 1TB.

Officially: Adobe Announces the End of Flash Player by 2020


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