The pre-order on the Xbox One X will open in the near future

In June, just at the annual entertainment fair E3 2017, Microsoft officially unveiled the Xbox One X gaming console, formerly known as Project Scorpio. At the time, Microsoft announced that it would launch the Xbox One X from November 7, but for those who are interested in ordering this device in advance, know that you will not have to wait too long.

Microsoft has been clogged when it comes to when it will begin accepting pre-orders on Xbox One X, prompting some players to inquire about the appointment via Twitter. The good news is that in response to one of the tweets, Microsoft’s Xbox division head Phil Spencer said: “Our plan is for this. All approvals have been made so all information will be announced at a time that will not be long. ”

Unfortunately, Mr. Phil Spencer has not disclosed specific dates, but everything seems ready, which means that the company now has only to decide when to start accepting pre-orders on the device. Hopefully we do not have to wait long, and since Gamescon is coming next month, Microsoft may be using this event as an opportunity to announce it.

The Xbox One X will be priced at about $ 499, which is much higher than Sony’s price for the Playstation 4 Pro, and higher than Nintendo’s demand for the Nintendo Switch. We’ve seen Microsoft do the same with the Xbox One, but it seems Microsoft is sure that players will respond positively to Xbox One X.


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