Snapchat wants to step up on other companies stealing their features

In the past, we’ve heard how Facebook tried to catch Snapchat in the end. As a result, we have seen how Facebook tried to compensate for the failure of this acquisition by adding new features to its different products and services that mimic the Snapchat features. For example, the Stories feature that was famous for the Snapchat application in the past has now made its way into many Facebook affiliate applications, including the Facebook application itself, the Instagram application, as well as the WhatsApp application.

Not surprisingly, Snapchat is unhappy to copy its own features from other companies, and in the future it seems that the company will make it difficult for competitors to copy their features. How will you do this? Well, according to a recent report from Bloomberg, Snapchat seems to have recently acquired a Swiss company called Strong.Codes, a company specializing in reverse engineering protection.

This means that if competitors try to disassemble their own software to see how certain features in the Snapchat application work, this protection should prevent this from happening. But this does not mean that Facebook has penetrated the Snapchat application in order to know how those features work, because sometimes what matters is the idea behind those features, not exactly how they are implemented.

However, we believe that we can not really blame Snapchat for trying to protect itself against companies trying to copy its features, and this acquisition process should make things more difficult in the future.


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