Lenovo shows off flexible tablet/phone at Lenovo Tech World 2017

Lenovo has long been working on a number of technological concepts that would re-visualize the current devices. Lenovo recently unveiled a bendable laptop during an event in New York, and discussed the possibility of a bendable tablet during the event.

A video of a bendable tablet has appeared, but not as expected, but the Lenovo Folio is bending outward.

The video was posted online by Mobile China, on the Chinese video site Youku, where a person using the prototype is shown, bending from the middle to give two separate screens.

The potential uses of this device have not yet been fully explored. Besides providing two user monitors and the possibility of providing separate scenes, it can also bend back to be a full tablet and continue to use it as any tablet.

Lenovo Folio works with the Snapdragon 800 processor, has a 7.8-inch 1920×1440 screen and runs Android 7.0.

Lenovo seems keen on that idea and is working on its appearance soon, so we can see it at the IFA 2017 conference or the upcoming CES conference.



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