Google launches the latest version of Android O

The release of the final version of Android OS is nearing completion, with Google announcing the availability of the latest version of the developer preview of the system today, which means it has become almost complete and added all the features required to solve all the problems reported.

From a first look it seems that this latest version does not carry new features but fixes problems and adds simple improvements to be a higher system stability.

As a quick reminder of Android’s new features, Noga has improved and expanded backend capabilities, improved notification handling, and enhanced image-in-picture support for mini-video streaming from YouTube, Time on another application such as WatSAP.

But go back to the frequent question, what brand will carry the next Android? When Android N was about Nautella, but Google was disappointed, would you also disappoint us with Orio? I do not wish it.

But for a moment! Google has put an octopus image as a symbolic picture in the last preview version, it’s true that it starts with the letter Octopus but it’s certainly not a desserts! Do you fool us? Or out of its usual system by naming Android versions of the names of sweets.

The next Android will be unveiled last summer, perhaps sometime from the end of August or the beginning of September, and then the market is expected to reach 8Notes, is it loaded with Android or?




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