Telegram update supports self-deleting images and videos

Telegram has just got a new update that supports the Android and iOS operating systems, which in turn lifted the application version number to Telegram 4.2, and brought with it a host of useful and useful features and enhancements, most notably the temporary self-destruct feature for pictures and videos and any conversation.

Once the timer has been set by the owner of the picture or video sent to the contact, and once opened by the other party will start the timer and once the time expires the file will be deleted automatically, and not only in the case of the future party has done a screen shot and take a screenshot will be sent Immediate notice stating this.

Another advantage is that downloading large media into groups is much faster by introducing a new technology. In the previous update, Telegram has supported 10,000 people in one group.

Now you can add your profile to get to know the members of your groups or contacts. You can enlarge the poster screen to fill the interface and open other hidden stickers before filling the screen. Finally, the full image editing tools have been redesigned and other powerful tools have been added to make your images stunning. You can take advantage of and download the update on Android from here, and on iOS from here.




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