Report claims that LG will manufacture iPhone 9 batteries

Although we are still under the rumors of the iPhone 8, that a report was released by The Korea Economic Daily sheds light on the iPhone 9.

So the report claimed that Apple has reached an agreement with LG Chemical, a branch of the LG Group to be the only supporter of the iPhone 9 battery.

The Apple tends to walk on the approach (multiple sources) when it comes to outsourcing parts such as the battery, also it said that the iPhone battery 9 will be shaped L, and this feature is also heard that it will come with the iPhone 8 this year, this feature will allow Apple to increase the size of The battery without noticeable increase in phone size, also allows battery design also quickly shipped.

It is said that LG’s focus on this design is what make them win and get this offer from Apple, on the other side there are other companies such as Samsung are generally focused on the traditional rectangular design that exists in most smart phones currently.

A report earlier this year said that Apple is expected that you provide two different sizes of OLED phone iPhone 9 screen, the first 5.28 inch, and the second 6.46 inch.

It is natural that we do not take these rumors seriously, because things can certainly change over a period of 14 months.




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