LG launches new robots at airports to help travelers

LG announced that it will deploy and launch a fleet of robots at Incheon International Airport in Seoul, capital of South Korea.

They were already launched at Seoul Airport over the past five months as part of the test models, and during that time, LG engineers tested them and improved their performance.

There are two types of robots in service at the airport: the first is the Airport Guide Robot; the second is Airport Cleaning Robot; the guided robot interacts with passengers; it can understand four Korean, Chinese, English and Japanese languages. Thanks to LG’s voice recognition program, it can tell the traveler the nearest restaurant or accompany him if he is late to the gate and check the travel permit in a quick way. For a cleaner robot his task is to monitor areas that need cleaning and keep the airport clean.

Robotic services are on the rise, and Dubai hopes to launch a fully integrated robotic-operated police department by 2030.




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