Apple may replace some original Apple Watch models

Apple today informed Apple retailers and Apple authorized service providers that some of the original first-generation models from the Apple Watch require repairs and can be replaced with the first series models of the Watch Apple.

The alternatives available on the aluminum models of Apple Watch are limited to silver, gray, gold and glossy pink; they will only be available in some countries that have not yet been identified by the company.

In some countries, parts of the first-generation aluminum watch model can be replaced by the first watch aluminum watch parts; replacement parts must now work well and can be found in MobileGenius stores and central repair areas.

The Apple Watch Series first watch models that were introduced alongside the second series of Apple Watch models in September 2016 are almost identical to the original Apple Watch models except the processor; in the first series models there is a dual-core processor S1P processor, which resembles a S2 processor in the second series without Advantages of GPS.

Apple’s original watch products are no longer covered by Apple’s warranty for a year, but customers who have purchased AppleCare for their hours are still eligible for two years of manufacturing-free repairs from the date of purchase.




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