Windows 10 updates will not reach users running Atom processors

Microsoft has confirmed to The Verge that Intel Atom processors will no longer receive regular updates to Windows 10, those updates that add a host of features.

The company said that Intel has stopped releasing updates to the definitions of those devices, which means that performance will not improve anymore. This in turn will result in a lack of the best possible usage experience on those devices.

A Microsoft spokesman said the company was committed to providing security updates for Atom processors until 2023. But it would not be able to provide new features for Windows 10 users.

Overall, the company expects integration between the Windows system and hardware within the computers to provide the best experience. But the lack of updates to the definitions of that hardware will in turn not improve the performance of these computers, and thus not reach the performance expected in the new features.

Intel stopped support for Atom processors last year, a low-power processors that were aiming to provide affordable devices and good performance, but did not succeed.


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