The founder of Android confirms the arrival of his new PH-1 in the coming weeks

Andy Rubin, one of the founders of Android and founder of Essential, sent an email to all users who dialed PH-1’s new phone.

Robben said in his message that he highly appreciated all the users who ordered the device in advance, stressing that the team has put great efforts to reach the phone for this stage. He added that the phone is currently entering the testing phase with the service providers in America and Europe as well as to avoid any problems calculated, and ensure the work in an optimal manner.

Robin left the area open on arrival, saying in his message that the phone would arrive in the next few weeks, meaning either next August or next September.

The letter from the company’s chief executive came after the phone was delayed on the scheduled date. At the end of May, PH-1 stated that it would arrive within 30 days, but was delayed by about a month.

The device, if it arrives in September, will collide with Apple’s new phones and the Samsung Note 8, without forgetting the second generation of pixels, which will be revealed between the last week of August and the last weeks of September.

The device carries a screen that extends across the entire front face of 5.71 inches in QHD accuracy, with the choice of ceramic on the back face for greater durability. The Snapdragon 835 was also selected from Qualcomm.


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