Lenovo enters the field of artificial intelligence through enhanced reality glasses and a number of other products

Lenovo’s name has been associated with mutated computers and tablets, but it is now clear that it seeks to introduce new concepts of artificial intelligence.

It is announced that Lenovo is preparing to launch a daystAR enhanced reality scanner that can handle independent vision in 40 degrees of landscape without the need to connect to the phone or any computer. Developers are expected to use the enhanced AR platform to create independent applications.

The other smart device that Lenovo is preparing to launch is the SmartCast +, which exceeds the capabilities of smart speakers that come with the support of a personal assistant only, but it is a smart speaker supporting the presence of an audio assistant is also a projector “This projector has the ability to recognize sounds and things and offers enjoyable experiences Enhanced images by displaying images on different surfaces.

Lenovo has recently announced that it is looking to launch its own independent intelligent assistant. It is reported that this assistant is called CAVA and includes more intelligent capabilities than Syri and Alexa. It is worth mentioning that the company is seeking to use deep learning to create face recognition systems and also add some natural language understanding techniques For artificial intelligence, so the new assistant CAVA is already able to understand messages and make suggestions based on the main subject. For example, if the user intends to attend a meeting, the assistant can automatically check the weather and traffic and tell it to The time to start.

In another area of artificial intelligence, Lenovo has introduced another new product, SmartVest, a smart shirt when you wear it to measure your heart rate 24/7. It also announced another device, Xiaole, a customer service platform that can interact with customers and create natural conversations.

There is no information on the fact that these products will soon be available in the market and we have to wait for the company’s official statements.




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