WhatsApp will support video calls and chat within chat at the same time

A new trial version of the WhatsApp application on Android shows that the company will offer photo-in-picture feature when video calls. This means that you can continue to video call and chat with someone else at the same time.

The Picture-in-Picture feature allows you to minimize the video that fills the entire screen to appear as a small rectangle that allows you to keep track of something else at the same time.

It is not clear from the published image whether the floating video can be moved across the screen so it does not impede work and talk in another chat, or it is fixed in place.

According to the source, the advantage appeared in the new version of Android O under version 2.17.265 so we do not know if it is exclusive to the system and benefits from it, or it will be circulated on all versions of Android later.

Most, if not all, chat apps do not provide photo-in-picture feature in video calls, which will give WhatsApp a competitive advantage that may be important for those who do not want to stop talking to their friends and making video calls at the same time.




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