Apple is sending iOS 10.3.3 update to close a lot of serious security vulnerabilities

A new update to the iOS 10.3.3 smart device operating system carries a lot of security fixes and blocked holes that are considered dangerous, allowing hackers to control the user’s device over the Wi-Fi network.

The gaps in the security update vary in terms of service, feature, or severity, and some include remote control loopholes so that hackers can perform certain things on the user’s device without his or her knowledge.

Blocks gaps in all contacts, audio engine, kernel system, libraries handling documents, messages, notifications, Safari, connectivity, web, and Wi-Fi of course.

The most prominent is the CVE-2017-9417. Broadcom’s Wi-Fi segment is made up of various models such as BCM4354, 4358 and 4359. Many companies use these chips in their phones such as Google, Samsung, Apple, LG and HTC.

It is worth mentioning that the same gap had been discovered in the system of Android and Google worked to fill it with the periodic security update of the Android system and it remains on the manufacturers work to send it quickly to its users.


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