Samsung Announces Launch Of Bixby For All Users In America

Samsung announced that its digital assistant Bixby is now available to all users of the S8 and S8+ phones in the United States, after a test period of approximately four weeks.

The company said more than 100,000 of its recent phone users had joined the Pixby trial program, allowing the digital assistant to execute more than 4 million voice commands.

Samsung said that the PDA is now able to read text messages and incoming mail messages provided Samsung’s virtual applications are used. Bixby can also set alerts or reminders, without forgetting the application control by voice, a feature not found in all other digital aids.

Users of the new Samsung phones can activate Bixby by saying “Hi Bixby” or by pressing the button on the side of the device, a button for the PDA and does not allow Samsung to change its function.

Samsung has acquired Innoetics, an emerging developer of text-to-speech and text-to-speech technologies, to improve the quality of Bixby as much as possible.


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