Google adds new security features to close unverified apps

After the Google Docs user vulnerability and a number of other vulnerabilities have emerged, Google has added a number of security and protection features to its services and applications, including adding more security to Gmail’s email accounts, and a number of white listed security features for G Suite users, Google today announced the addition of a new warning window for any application that did not pass through Google’s application safety system.

Apple has launched a similar process on OS X and launched Gatekeeper, and Windows 10 closes all non-stored applications, but the new feature of Google is to show a notification window to indicate that this application did not fall within the scope of verification of application security and safety And to continue using the application you will need to write “continue” in a new pop-up box, which certainly reduces the chances of clicking on the approval icon and vulnerability, and this window includes the name of the application and the developer based on it to provide more help in cases Breakthrough.

Google said it seeks to provide a safe environment for users as well as developers to be completely away from hacking, and new security alerts that will be launched will warn users when a risk exists and enable them to make decisions to keep their accounts and information secure and will facilitate developers Test and develop their applications.




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