Facebook is preparing to launch stories for pages as well

Although personal accounts on Facebook – as well as WhatsApp – have shown no real interest in using the feature stories, the social network is optimistic about what it paid to prepare for the launch of pages also.

A new option called Branded Content appears to appear within the pageviews in the settings, which appears to be related to the promotional content being published on the pages, and when accessed, its statistics are distributed among promotional publications and stories. As the picture suggests, the story statistics will be available for the last 14 days only.

Trademark-related content is a new way Facebook provides influences and celebrities when they publish promotional offers related to certain brands, with the word “funded” and trademarked.

From the picture, do we understand that the stories will relate to the content associated with a trademark? Or will it be available to everyone? That is, the story is not required to be paid.

However, there is a lot of speculation and it is still early to talk about the launch of the feature, but Facebook’s quest to attract the attention of the followers of the pages is expected, but the failure of stories to attract personal pages, does it bear with pages?




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