ASUS will launch the ZenFone 4 series next month

According to sources close to Asus in Taiwan, it is preparing to launch its series of new smart phones, the ZenFone 4 next month.

The series will include several phones targeting different segments of users such as ZenFone 4 Pro with advanced specifications, ZenFone 4 Silve with an excellent front camera, and 4V. It is rumored that Asus will reveal its phones on Aug. 17.

In any case, Asus has recently unveiled one of the phones of the new series called the ZenFone 4 Max – ZenFone 3 Max – characterized by its huge capacity of 5,000 mAh will be available in the coming months in several parts of the world.

Asus last year introduced a variety of Zen V3 phones, including laser, ultra, and other. The ZenFone are characterized by their high-class specifications and stylish design to try to compete with other companies such as Samsung and Sony who do not care to update their phone designs of the same category.




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