Apple launches a specialized code artificial intelligence

Apple’s investment in the field of artificial intelligence is so great that it has created its own blog to publish its most important contributions so far to be the destination of researchers and those interested in this vital field.

Apple is known for its anonymity and high confidentiality about its research, so it does not share with professionals what it is doing behind the scenes. But we were surprised last year when Apple published the first research paper on artificial intelligence to learn machine-learning research conducted by the company, and now there is a full private blog about this area.

Apple will publish on its blog the contributions of the company’s engineers on their projects using machine learning techniques to develop products used by hundreds of millions around the world.

Apple is open to those interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning from researchers, university students, engineers and developers by making contact with the company’s engineers available for more details.

Apple published one blog post on the results of its published research paper last year. The paper concerned the use of synthetic images rather than the true images of artificial intelligence training, thereby achieving cost savings and facilitating more work. The research explains how to make sure that industrial images are as true as possible for accurate results.

Apple will publish more posts in a row but do not expect a daily or semi-weekly publication but will be longer. It seems that its content will be purely technical to the professionals of course and use more illustrations, animations and texts of course.


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