Adobe offers an update to the Lightroom app for iOS devices

Adobe today launched a new update to the application of Photoshop Lightroom for iOS, which will include support for the pen Apple e-mail and manual editing of the touch 3D. If you are using the Lightroom application on iPad Pro with the stylus, you can now increase pen press to change brightness, exposure, or any other settings. Adobe has launched this Brush Selection tool; it also works on touch- Three-dimensional, where you can increase the pressure of your finger on the desired area of the screen to get the same result.

Some updates to the application design have also been made to make it easier to use. You can now change the level of sharpness and noise reduction more easily through the detail tab, and the iPad application design is better.

On iPhone phones, the application now has a built-in camera mode that automatically tells you which part of the picture is more light, so you can change the exposure level in the frame before taking the picture.

In addition to the enhancements that Adobe has added to the app on iOS devices, the company has also announced a fully updated version of Android devices with a new user interface.




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