Version 14 of the Allo application adds interaction with messages and admires them

Amit Fulay, who is responsible for the development of Google’s Allo and Duo application, posted a tweet on his Twitter account saying that the interaction with the messages was impressive with the release of version 14.

This feature is especially useful in group conversations, so that everyone will not have to reply to any message so they can click on it at length to record admiration. But other details like activating alerts when new ones arrive are not yet known.

A heart icon will appear next to the messages indicating that there are likes. If there is more than one admiration, the number of hits will be visible next to that icon.

Tgiraida Foulay did not reveal other effects of interacting with messages like Facebook does, as the user can register his or her admiration, anger, joy, or other means of expressing or responding to posts.

Google is currently preparing to launch the browser version of the Allo application, a version that works in conjunction with the user’s account on the phone, where Foulay himself confirmed this a little while ago.


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