Snapchat allows you to record 6 clips with one click

Snapchat is racing to introduce the new features of Snapchat, we are actually getting a new feature every 10 to 2 weeks and this is one of the benefits of competing with Instagram stories.

The new feature that will come to the application is called Multi Snap. Users will be able to shoot video for one minute with a single click of the button. The application will automatically split the video into 6 clips in your stereo.

This feature will help to capture the best moments without tension. For example, when covering any event you will not have to register and delete and repeat the process until you reach the moment you want, but you will be able to record a long video and then choose the best moment and delete the rest or continue to lift all the chains of history.

Another feature is the Tint Brush tool, which comes within the scissors set and enables you to identify any part of the image or video and change the color to the color you want.

The new features will be available from tomorrow to users of iOS and Android with the tweak that the Multi Snap feature may be delayed slightly access to users Snapchat on the Android system.




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