Archived site will keep the sound of Claude’s content in the event of closure

Whether it’s a bankruptcy or not, the music and podcasts on Sound Cloud are safe. An archive site has announced that a full backup of the site is expected to be over 800 terabytes!

An archive site from today will launch a massive backup of the digital content posted on the SoundCloud website to keep it, a common step the site has archived for many legendary services in the history of the Internet such as Yahoo’s GeoCities, Friendster’s first social network, Twitter on TwitPic and others.

It has been reported that Sound Cloud has enough money to work for only 50 days before it closes, but co-founder Alex Ljung denied the reports, stressing that the site will continue to operate in the near future.

According to the sources, SoundCloud was storing 2.5 megabytes of audio content on Amazon’s cloud storage services, but the latest figures indicate that the content is currently 855 terabytes of 128 kbps audio.

The archiving and backup process will be selective and not directly comprehensive for fear of legal infringement of intellectual property rights. It is prohibited to copy copyrighted songs, in addition to the high cost of cloud storage, which will reach $ 3.75 million annually if we take Amazon numbers and the entire content.

Sound Cloud was founded nine years ago. The company has suffered in recent years, including judicial and financial problems, which led to the demobilization of 40% of its employees this month.

Sound Claude hosts more than 135 million songs, with 175 million visitors a month.




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