The most frequently used emoticons on Facebook

On the occasion of the World Emoji Day, Apple unveiled a set of new icons to be introduced with iOS 11, and Facebook provided us with a list of the most frequently used emoticons on the Web.

You may expect the result, was the laughing laugh controlling the feelings of people and after comes the lover who drowns his eyes with hearts and third was the kiss of love.

Fourthly, Crying laughed, but with greater irony and a fifth came the smiling and sixth heart of love and then the wink, shy, weeping and laughing.

At the state level, every country has a more expressive symbol of expression. For example, the cynical siren was popular in the United States, while the lover in Latin countries such as Mexico and Brazil, while the kiss of love dominates the European countries of Spain and Italy, and we do not know what spread more Arab, But in my personal perception it is the laughing laugh.




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