Next Xiaomi phones will use Samsung AMOLED screens

Samsung’s AMOLED and OLED screens are always in competition, but it is clear that Samsung’s screens are the biggest success day by day.

Xiaomi has completed a deal with Samsung for the AMOLED screens to be used on its upcoming phones. Samsung is scheduled to deliver 1 million units in December and 2.2 million units in January, all of which are 6 inches.

This was after Xiaomi tried to get the 5.5-inch LG OLED flexible screen, but the deal failed because the LG factory would start producing it three months later than expected.

Xiaomi has already used the AMOLED display on its 1080p Mi Note 2 and was expected to use the latest QHD resolution in the new Note phone, which is flexible and rugged.

However, Samsung has tens of millions of AMOLED screens for the next iPhone 8, and there are some rumors that Apple will use OLED screens in 2018.




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