A new create sterilization device that eliminates the spores of the escalators

Many people are worried when they think of touching the escalator, but the technology has tried to get rid of this concern once and for all. LG Innotek and Clearwin have devised a sterilization device that can eliminate 99.99% of the bacteria on the escalator rails. Through the use of the process of elimination of germs through UV radiation, “UVGI”, the first time globally that is using this technique.

LG has announced that this new product is the first of its kind to prevent the spread of infection by eliminating the germicidal DNA by UV LED radiation with a wavelength of 278 nm. The company confirmed that these radiation have no adverse effect on health Human, this device works to purge the handrail constantly throughout the elevator movement.

It is important to note that the process of eliminating the DNA of the germ through the ultraviolet radiation destroys and makes it unable to carry out its vital functions; this certainly makes the device has the ability to clean the aquariums, air purification and also in the laboratory sterilization laboratory.

LG added that the new sterilization device can be easily installed on the escalator. This device is able to automatically generate power by turning the handrails into electricity and can operate more than 10,000 hours. The new sterilizer has already been approved by EU and South Korea, but there is no clear information on the price and date of launch.



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