The use of Alexa from Amazon is now possible on the HTC U11

Users of HTC’s U11 devices began gradually getting the digital Amazon assistant, Alexa, to operate their devices now with three different digital assistants.

Google’s digital assistant, Google Assistant, is available by default because the device is running Android 7. Sense, the digital assistant that does not support voice commands, is also available, but it analyzes device usage habits to suggest applications and alerts as well.

According to Engadgets, the use of Alexa on the device was very smooth and offers the same quality as the Amazon home assistant, the answers were always as expected, and the skills, which number more than 15 thousand, make the experience of use better.

Some complained of slow answers when not connected to the Wi-Fi network and rely on data connection, in addition to being unable to hear the user’s voice commands remotely because there is no more than a microphone inside the device.

Alexa had already reached Huawei’s Mate 9 device, but the experience was not good. But the U11 featured with promises from the company’s future support for new languages.

The Amazon Digital Assistant can be installed from the Google Play store, available under the name HTC Alexa in the United States, and later arriving in second countries.


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