Telegram will remove “terrorist content” in response to embargo threats

The Telegram administration has bowed to Indonesian threats by blocking the application and decided to set up a team of supervisors to monitor and remove the “terrorist content” that is being circulated through the application to prevent it from reaching others.

Indonesia’s Information and Communication Technology Minister on Friday threatened to ban enforcement in the country if Tilgram did not remove illegal content from channels.

Indonesia has not only threatened but has taken some principled measures to block the Telegram version of the Internet in order to ban it on smart phones as well.

The founder and CEO of Telegram Pavel Durov said yesterday that the company blocked the channels reported by the government in Indonesia, adding that more steps will be taken to remove the infringing content.

Telegram’s actions appear to be local, as the team of supervisors will deal with content that is particularly against Indonesia, and will not wage a full-scale war on those who use Telegram to share any content described as a terrorist.

Because of high encryption, Telegram is known among terrorists for communicating and publishing videos, photos and files. While Durov strongly advocates the right of privacy and security to users, he also emphasizes the withholding of thousands of public channels belonging to terrorist organizations such as Dahesh.

Confessions of fighters in Indonesia have been recorded using the Telegram application to organize terrorist attacks and share instructions and methods for manufacturing bombs.




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