Problems with iOS 11 may delay access to some iPhone 8 features

Apple engineers are working under intense pressure to tackle problems with iOS 11 that could delay iPhone 8’s arrival or access to some of its features when launched, Fast Company reported.

According to the report, Apple faces problems with wireless charging at the level of the operating system, which prevent the operation of the feature efficiently, which is why it is trying hard to resolve before the official disclosure of the device. In addition, the company faces problems with 3D sensors.

The sensors and the charging plate work very efficiently, but the problems are synchronized with iOS 11, something John Gruber pointed out a while ago when he said Apple might delay the release of wireless charging until iOS 11.1 was released to address all the problems and ensure that the property works best. He also talked about the possibility of selling Apple to the wireless charging plate separately, that is, it will not be in the box of the device.

The report referred to the location of the fingerprint sensor on the device, where he said that Apple has successfully integrated it within the new iPhone 8 screen, and will not be located on the back of the device.

Based on the above, Apple may launch its new phone with some features disabled until the first update of its operating system. Or you may delay the device’s full launch until it is 100% ready.

SK Hynix and Toshiba are having trouble producing Apple’s next-generation iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, bundled with iPhone 8, which may prompt Apple to hire Samsung.


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