Amazon develops a chat application called Anytime

With more than 1 billion people using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and more than 700 million users on wechat, chat applications are emerging as one of the most important areas of user access, so major technology companies do not hesitate to launch their own chat apps to compete with other apps like Telegram, An exception where they appear to be preparing to launch their own application called Anytime.

Amazon’s chat application will provide all the basic functions in most applications such as voice, video, text, posters, animations, games, and of course encryption. It will also provide an easy way to join group talks.

Amazon will use the same Twitter method to connect people by referring them to the user’s name after the @ sign, which will be added by username, not phone number, and you can enter the person to chat by simply pointing to his / her name.

It seems that the biggest focus will be on group activities, such as listening to music or ordering food, and even communicating with companies to shop for them, or problem solving and technical support, which is what Amazon has.

This is one of Amazon’s many initiatives as an e-commerce platform aimed at making users buy more and more easily. Of course, Amazon does not want to apply it to rival or even smaller chat apps, but you want to make shopping as easy as a chat message for your friend.

It seems that Amazon is still beginning its way in this application, which has changed many of its features later and adds to it as well. No information about its launch date.




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