YouTube thumbnails now look like GIFs

Previously, the thumbnails of the videos were taken from a clip inside the clip. Later, you can upload a custom image, making some clips appear different from their content. Now YouTube has introduced a new way of thumbnails, which is more like GIF to take advantage of the characteristics of the two methods.

In fact, since late last month YouTube has gradually started implementing this new approach. When you place the mouse pointer on the thumbnail of any clip, only a 3-second animation will be displayed.

Since February, YouTube has tested the new feature on a certain number of channels, but it is now available on a larger number and gradually for everyone. The animated thumbnail is displayed wherever you find it, such as YouTube homepage, search results, watch page, subscriptions tab, trend tab.

Of course, this method does not work with smart phones because you can not feel the presence of the finger above the selected section, but on the computer works on Chrome and Opera.

In order for YouTube to create an animated thumbnail, the length of the clip must be at least 30 seconds, and there are other criteria such as the subject of the video and its content to choose whether it agrees to create the animation or not.

The process takes about two days to complete, so when you upload a video that meets the criteria, you’ll have to wait up to two days to create the animated thumbnail, or the section does not meet the YouTube criteria.

YouTube uses artificial intelligence to watch video content and to recognize whether a mobile thumbnail can be created or not, and that the image is automatically created without human intervention by the channel owner.




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