Microsoft is working on a USB-C connector for future Surface devices

Microsoft is currently trying to make a USB-C dongle for the existing Surface devices, and the company is also preparing to make a USB-C Surface connector for future laptop and tablet computers where a patent application from the company has been detected that reveals the company’s work on a surface connector on devices that use USB-C ports.

The application is a solution that will maintain the magnetic power connector from Microsoft while maintaining the USB-C port on the devices; but the request also indicates that this connector will support USB 2.0 speed which may make this port useless as most USB-C ports use USB speed 3.0 or USB Speed 3.1. But Microsoft may have been able to support the three speeds on the same surface devices and only limited the connector at the speed of USB 2.0.

Most users hope that Microsoft will be able to integrate the Thunderbolt port into the USB-C port in the future.

The Microsoft connector provides easy connection by magnet such as MagSafe connectors that Apple has added to the new MacBook Pro production, but the speed of connectivity to Surface devices will be the focus of the future.





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