Google makes it easier to access new songs within its Google Play Music store

Google has released New Release Radio into its Google Play Music service for all users, having started testing it almost a month ago on Samsung devices only.

Through the new channel, new songs can be accessed depending on the music the user has previously played, or the ones he or she has purchased. The algorithms will then access and format the latest versions to suit user taste.

It was reported that the service was exclusive to users of Samsung devices, although the two companies did not confirm this. For the return of Google later launched to all users.

The same feature is available in other music services such as Spotify or Apple Music. Helping users to access new content is essential to keeping the user in the service as much as possible and paying them to subscribe.

Google has launched a new offer for those who want to try their own Google Play Music service. The service is now free for four months using a special coupon.


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