Apple is opening its first data center in China in response to government regulations

Apple is opening its first data center in China with Guizhou-Cloud, a cloud management company, according to CNBC.

Apple’s move comes in response to orders from the Chinese government that have asked foreign companies to store user data on servers located inside China, not outside, to ensure that their services are optimized or otherwise blocked.

Apple confirmed that the establishment of a data center in China does not mean the provision of back doors of the government to spy on the data of citizens there. This step comes to provide better services to users, as well as to cooperate with the government to prevent terrorist attacks by law and judicial orders only.

The cost of the new facility is about $ 1 billion, the first time it is managed by Apple and another company. The company used to manage its data centers internally without outsourcing. The facility will also operate with clean energy, which Apple is keen to maintain in all of its data centers.

Apple is one of the first companies to respond to calls from the Chinese government in the hope of maintaining its services and work there optimally. Google, for example, suffers from blocking access to some of its services due to lack of cooperation with government agencies in China.

Apple has unveiled its new data center in Denmark in the city of Aabenraa, a center that will rely entirely on clean energy, just like all Apple data centers.


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