WhatsApp now allows sending any type of files

A few weeks ago, WhatsApp began offering a long-awaited feature of exchanging any kind of files through the trial version of the application, which is now available in the final official version as well.

Now you can send Office documents such as Word, Excel and of course pdf to compressed files and apk applications as well as photos. The difference between sharing an image file and sending an image is that in the first case you will not lose something of its accuracy as it will not be compressed as with sending known images.

These and other files can be shared via the Share Documents option. You can also browse the received files from the file manager in your device where they create and store a folder for each type of file and put everything inside it.

The file size limits that can be swapped according to sources previously are 100 MB on Android, 128 MB on the iPhone, 104 MB on Windows Mobile, and 75 MB on the computer.

There is a new way to share multiple files together, to say that you have sent ten friends to your friend, instead of individually viewing each photo individually, now it will be grouped as a single message. Of course, when you click on any image that is displayed in full measure, this new way of displaying the received images will improve the conversation direction for people who receive a large number of multimedia per day.

Finally, WhatsApp provided an easier way to modify the formatting of the message text, such as making it wide, italic, and so on. When writing a letter, press it at length to show formatting options instead of typing the code as before.

There are improvements in the user interface within the voice or video calling feature, such as changing the way to respond by dragging up rather than side.

These features are now available in the official version of WhatsApp but very slowly and are available in version 2.17.254. If not, you can either download them manually or wait for them to be available by updating them to the App Store.




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