The next Echo speaker from Amazon will blast HomePod speakers

HomePod’s sound quality was Apple’s marketing advantage for smart speakers, and compared it to the poor sound of Amazon’s Echo speakers at the WWDC. But so far, HomePod will not be launched before the end of the year, giving Amazon a chance to return to competition.

According to the reports, the next Echo amplifiers will have multiple speakers, which should lead to a significant improvement in sound quality. The new device will also appear to be more HomePod than the current Echo, replacing the plastic cylinder with a cloth-like structure. And not an extension of the production line, such as the Echo Dot or Echo Show. It is also reported that Amazon will also improve the microphones inside the device.

The new chassis will be thinner and shorter than the current nine-inch model, while the HomePod speaker will be 7 inches long and 6 inches shorter, but wider than the current Echo.

Reports did not mention the price of the new Echo speaker but are expected to be cheaper than the Apple speaker. The current Echo speaker is sold at $ 180, while the HomePod amplifier will cost $ 349 when launched in December.




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