Report: iPhone 8 may come with a 3D camera

Fast Company released a new report on the iPhone 8 phones, saying the new phones will have a rear camera with 3D sensors for AR functionality.

Apple has explicitly announced its interest in enhanced reality after launching the ARKit package within iOS 11, a package that helps develop applications to enhance the user’s reality after using the camera. Therefore, the development of the rear camera and the addition of three-dimensional sensors is obvious and logical according to the magazine.

Apple plans to use sensors from VSCEL, sensors from a laser unit, and a receiver. By applying algorithms to calculate the time required for beam transmission from the device and returning it to it again, the elements can be identified after the camera to add a dimension to it.

The use of sensors with these techniques allows the capture of three-dimensional images with ease. As well as to improve the accuracy of ARKit-based applications. Finally, accuracy can be improved while taking pictures especially in low light conditions.

The cost of a sensor with these technologies is not more than US $ 2. A sensor composed of a processing unit, a lens, a laser unit and a receiver.

Earlier reports said that Apple plans to use three-dimensional sensors on the front camera to take three-dimensional images, and to provide facial recognition techniques. Others said they wanted to add the same sensors to the rear camera to improve the functionality of the enhanced reality at least.


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